R&D Projects

VMAP Community maintains contacts with all projects which support the VMAP Standard. Some of these projects will also support the VMAP SC and help extend the standard in the desired domains.

VMAP SC Bylaws Clause 7 states,

  1. Long term development activities in the scope of the VMAP SC can be organized within VMAP Projects (VMAP-PR). The organizational structure and the rules of each VMAP-PR can be determined independently by each project, as long as they are compliant with these VMAP-SC Statutes, Bylaws and the IP Regulations. 
  2. After a candidate for a project has been proposed, the General Assembly decides on the registration of a project as a VMAP-PR. Registered VMAP-PRs are listed on the VMAP-SC homepage with their registration data, brief information and a link to the VMAP-PR web page. 
  3. VMAP-PRs are encouraged to apply for approval of their results by the VMAP-SC to become part of VMAP Standards. VMAP-PRs must make the results of the project work publicly available. Usage and license conditions have to be compliant to the VMAP IP Regulations. 


A new Interface Standard for Integrated Virtual Material Modelling in Manufacturing Industry

VMAP Analytics

Smart Analytics for Multi-Scale Material and Manufacturing Modelling


The digital twin for thermoplastic lightweight construction