VMAP Workshop at NAFEMS DACH 2022

Date/Time: 5 October 2022 at 11:15 CET
Location: Room E – 4-E

Workshop VMAP

The VMAP Standard for Vendor-Neutral CAE Data Storage – Workshop on Technical Extensions and Industrial Use Cases

  • Introducion
    K. Wolf, P. Gulati (Fraunhofer SCAI)
  • First Proposal to Handle Sensor Data in VMAP
    VMAP Standards Community
  • Full Model Storage in VMAP
    VMAP Standards Community
  • VMAP-Analytics – A Smart Manufacturing Platform
    S. Palla, K. Ekström, J. Lindwall, P. Darth,
    C. Luo, S. Marth, T. Schwartz (Swerim AB)
    Open Discussion

VMAP Standards Community Webinar

Date/Time: 27 April 2022 at 17:00 CET

Organised by NAFEMS

This webinar aims to inform the sector of the progress achieved over the last 12 months. 

The agenda is

  • Introduction & Welcome [NAFEMS, 5 min]
  • VMAP SC: Legal association timeline and organisation
    [Fraunhofer SCAI, 5 min]
  • VMAP Standard: Technical Overview and Updates
    [Fraunhofer SCAI, 10 min]
  • VMAP Standard: Technical Working Groups [Robert Bosch, 10 min]
  • Associated Projects [Fraunhofer SCAI, 20 min]
    • VMAP Analytics [SWERIM] – VMAP analytics drives industrial manufacturing using Smart digital twins.
    • LeBeDigital [BAM] – Life cycle of concrete: ontology development for the concrete production process chain.
    • German Aerospace Center [DLR] – Integrating the VMAP Standard in their in-house solver.
  • Q&A [NAFEMS, 10 min]

Webinar Video

VMAP Project awarded ITEA Award of Excellence for Standardization

© Fraunhofer SCAI
VMAP Software Architecture

EUREKA’s R&D&I cluster, ITEA, honoured the VMAP project for outstanding results in the field of standardization with the "ITEA Award of Excellence for Standardization". The international project has succeeded in developing a vendor-neutral standard for the storage and transfer of data in Computer Aided Engineering (CAE). The VMAP standard improves interoperability in virtual engineering workflows and is already being used by many companies.

The ability to carry forward result data from one simulation step to another in a Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) software workflow has always been dependent on customised data transfer solutions, which requires a huge effort in terms of time and money.

The VMAP Project only represents the tip of the ice-berg. The VMAP SC intends to take this forward by advancing the standard in other multiphysics domains.

The VMAP Project team was recognized by ITEA for its tremendous effort & dedication.

Klaus Wolf, Priyanka Gulati (Fraunhofer SCAI, Germany)
Jens Siegersma (Philips, Netherlands)
Anthony Floyd (Convergent, Canada)
Giannoula Mitrou (inuTech, Germany)